New Learn to Swim joiners receive 10% off your first term and a waiver of registration fees (worth over $100 w/GST)!

Learn to swim, train competitively, or find your happy place in between.

We’re a friendly ‘full-stack’ swim school that believes in the power of swimming to excite and motivate kids. More than just skills in the pool, our programs for kids ages 3-18 are designed to open your child’s eyes to a bigger world: of individual confidence and purpose, of supportive communities and mentors, and of inspiration and big BIG! dreams. And did we mention a lot of fun along the way?



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At X Lab, we’re all set to take kids from zero to hero in the pool and beyond! Choose your own swim adventure – whether that’s building water confidence and fundamental skills, or taking the leap into the world of competitive swimming. Wherever your starting point and your end goal, our community’s here to support your growth every step of the way.


Learn To Swim

From toddlers to teens, we’ve got you covered, with dedicated coaches and a systematic swim curriculum covering everything you need to know, from water confidence to stroke refinement.


Aiming for more than medals, our competitive squad nurtures kids’ athleticism and character. We’ve designed a journey for kids to dive into the full competitive swim experience – with personal breakthroughs and fun along the way!

As a swim school for kids, we recognise that each child is unique, with their own personalities, interests, and goals. Our programmes combine rigor with fun, creating a supportive, positive environment for kids to thrive in their swim journeys.


Whether your child is totally new to the pool, hungry for a competitive experience, or anywhere in between – our team meets each kid where they’re at with the right platforms for learning, growth, and making seamless transitions between levels or to competitive programmes.

Swimming opens the doors to a global community, and we’re here to be the bridge! From mentorship opportunities with Olympic swimmers and coaches, to training camps with overseas clubs – we want every child to be excited and inspired by their time in the water.